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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I create a Merchant Listing?

May sure you are in the proper countries website. (Where Canada Finds Savings!) is for Canada and (Where Amereica Finds Savings!) is the USA.

Once you've created an account and verified your email address, login to iXANiX.

You may wish to reveiw our brochure by clicking on Advertise With Us.  The brochure is displayed and you may page through the document.  This is the same format your eDocuments will have when you add them to your database record on iXANiX.

Click Pricing to go to our page describing our plans, click on Compare All and Order.

At the bottom of the Compare All screen you will find all our pricing information.  Make your selection from the plan you wish to use.  Remember we have a free 30 day trial for each plan, so you have a period during which you can try our Savings Platform risk free.  We suggest that you try the Platinum Plan to see all the benefits of that membership.  When your trial is over we will advise you and you can then select any plan you wish. 

Once you select the plan option, you will see the following screen.  Select your primary classification for your business.  If it is a Coffee House you would probably select Food & Dining | Coffee & Tea as your primary classification.  Depending on the plan you selected, you may be able to select additional categoies later in the registration process.




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