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About Us

iXANiX - Where America Finds Savings!

We're an Internet startup that has been around for a number of years serving clients in standard computer consulting ways.  Developing systems for private and public organizations for such mundane things as property tax collection systems and oil field plant maintenance systems.


We're a bit like the Yellow Pages, but we're diffenent.


We're a bit like Groupon and other Daily Deals websites, but we're different.


We,re local, with local entrenepeurs supporting our services in your neighbourhood.


Hi, I'm James Georgeson, president of iXANiX Digital Media Inc.  Corporately we are located in Edmonton Alberta and Sheridan Wyoming.  But our emphasis is on your town.   

I realize that I’ve made a little mistake.

I’ve been so busy keeping you up to speed with integrating the websites that we purchased, and bringing our support philosophy to entrepreneurs, that I forgot to tell you anything at all about another important topic … me!

So why don’t I tell you a little about myself?

It’s a question we’ve all been asked at one time or another. And, yes, it’s always an awkward one to answer. Indeed, where should I even start?

Well, first of all, I’m Canadian.

The fact that I’ve been staring at the screen for 30 minutes trying to figure out how to talk about myself serves as ironclad proof of my citizenship.

Second, I'm a professional independent computer consultant,  Since 1973 I have helped myriads of clients utilize computing equipment in making their lives easier.  WOW, that's 40 plus years!  Before that I was employed by a national railway, Peat Marwick and Mitchel (KPMG), an international chemical company and an American computer manufacturer.

My post-secondary education was at the University of Manitoba and University of Alberta, in business and computing.

When I am not working, my wife says only when I am sleeping, I like travelling, diving and sailing.

My favorite places in America are Hawaii, San Francisco, San Diago and the mountains of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

In Canada the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island, the Maritime provinces and my favorite place where we are moving next year, Naramata British Columbia, the NAPA valley of Canada.

We look forward to providing you with a savings platform that will bring you new business.


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